The Westcoaster Shipwreck Map
"Graveyard of the Pacific"

Wooden-hull sailing ships, dramatic storms, gigantic breakers, formidable rocks and heroic men risking their lives for the sake of othersthe billowy-sailed tall ships of the mid and late 1800's traversed the northwest coast of America transporting fur, lumber, gold and coal.

The Juan de Fuca Strait separates Vancouver Island from the Olympic Peninsula and provides shipping access to Seattle, Victoria, Nanaimo and Vancouver.

Between 1803 and 1972, there were more than 450 shipwrecks along this treacherous stretch of coastline, known worldwide as the "Graveyard of the Pacific".

The Westcoaster Shipwreck Map offers a colorful and historic glimpse into this dramatic, but little known aspect of our heritage.

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