The Westcoaster
Family Cookbook

A Classic "Best Seller".
Many readers report this cookbook as a family staple in their kitchen! A delightful collection of more than 300 tried and true family-favorite recipes.

The cookbook that launched a million smiles

I’ll bet you smiled when you picked this cookbook up for the first time! And I’ll bet you smiled again as you leafed through the pages and came across a favorite recipe. And you probably smiled as you prepared your treat for someone special. And then you received lots of smiles when you placed your treat before them and even more smiles as they dug in, and then the best smile of all—the one you gave yourself, as the last crumb was eaten away.
Smiles and hugs. That’s what this cookbook is all about. If you had the privilege of knowing Louise Johnson, the author of this wonderful cookbook, then you would know smiles and hugs are her legacy.
I will never forget the first time I met Louise. I was more than a little shaky from the flight to Esperanza. The wings of the old Beaver floatplane had dipped and shuttered as it roared and groaned and labored itself over the mountains and inlets of the west coast of Vancouver Island. As I climbed onto the dock, there stood Louise Johnson with her arms folded in the cool wind. Her eyes smiled with a warmth that embraced you.
Louise hugged others from the flight with enthusiasm. It was easy to recognize she was special in their eyes as they returned her warmth. I had only received a polite handshake and a joyful smile from Louise on that first morning. But thinking back over the years, I have received hundreds of hugs and thousands of smiles from her since that first meeting.
Louise Johnson was the wife of the Esperanza mission superintendent. She had been a helpmate to her missionary husband from the day of their wedding. They had raised three children while sharing together love to First Nations people, loggers, fishermen and other inhabitants who lived along the distance of the rugged west coast. Her open expression of love and concern for others amazed and deeply impressed all who knew her.
During her 35 years on the coast, she witnessed much pain, suffering and grief. She went through life meeting people at their point of need. She held their hand during their darkest hour. Her ministry was love, expressed with deep compassion, smiles and hugs. Louise Johnson passed away shortly after this cookbook was first published. She will be remembered for bright, warm smiles and generous hugs.
Every recipe in this latest version of The Westcoaster Family Cookbook has been substantially updated. However, the millions of smiles and hugs generated through this cookbook are joyfully dedicated to the memory of Louise!

Jean and Phil Hood.

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